#GetInvolved with the Incorporation of Goldsmiths

As we continue to live and work in lockdown, we are looking far more at the digital space to support and promote Jewellers and Silversmiths in Scotland.  We want to learn about and share the incredible things Makers are doing during this time, or indeed the struggles you are facing. This time is challenging for everyone in different ways, pushing people to create in places and spaces they may never have considered before. By sharing with us, we can celebrate these unique stories of this time and bring a wider audience to your work.  Below are the ways you can keep us, and the wider community updated.



What is it that inspires your work or latest collection? Using #IOGinspired, post an image of a piece you are working on or finished alongside the source of your inspiration that started that design journey.



Where are you making and creating during lockdown? Are you creating a new collection, working on a commission, or just taking this time to sketch and work on ideas? Using #IOGbenchstories, share images of your workspace, sketches, pieces in progress and more.



Are you participating in campaigns like the #artistsupportpledge, fundraising, or hosting a digital workshop or event? Using #IOGcommunity, keep us updated on the connections you are building within the wider creative community.


We’ll be using these tags to celebrate the work within our creative community long after lockdown ends. To get in touch, send us a message on Instagram @incorporationofgoldsmiths or send us an e-mail to eda@incorporationofgoldsmiths.org.

Image Credit: Hannah Louise Lamb in the studio by James Robertson