Elements makers unveiled

The exhibitors have been unveiled for Elements 4, our annual festival celebrating the finest UK jewellery, silver and gold, which will be held in Edinburgh in October.

This year’s event will also feature an exhibition dedicated to sustainable making entitled Perspectives: Creating Jewellery for a Fairer Future.

Elements, which runs from 19 to 21 October, is now firmly established as one of the most innovative and exciting opportunities to see and buy high quality handmade jewellery and silversmithing by designers from Scotland and elsewhere in the UK.

This year there will be 50 makers and designers selling work at the festival – with around half coming from Scotland including makers Heather Woof, Linda Lewin and Misun Won. Makers from elsewhere in the UK include Daphne Krinos, Sarah Herriot, and Brett Payne.

View the full list of exhibitors here.

The Perspectives exhibition, which has been curated by Fair Luxury, an independent group of jewellers working towards greater traceability, responsible sourcing and sustainability, will be on the upper floor. It will explore sustainability and provenance as a facet of fine craftsmanship and highlight the wide range of approaches to making for a fairer future, such as the origin of metals or stones and the environmental impact of creating a finished piece.

The exhibition builds on a major initiative by the Incorporation that has seen it work in partnership with Scotland’s art schools to develop the world’s first Ethical Making Pledge that means all jewellery and silversmithing students in Scotland will have a thorough knowledge of ethics and sustainability. At the same time it has created a new online resource for established makers and designers. Visit our Ethical Making Resource.

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