Below are some articles that may be of interest to those researching or collecting Scottish Silver. Our thanks to the publications concerned for allowing these extracts to be downloadable from our website.


The Biggart Family and Kilmaurs Cutlery by Campbell Armstrong (previously published in The Finial in 2015)


The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club

Edin. Goldsmiths and Radical Politics, 1793-94: The Case of David Downie by William Irvine Fortescue

James Ker, Member of Parliament for Edinburgh, 1747-1754 by William Irvine Fortescue

(The above articles are reproduced, with permission, from the Book of the Old Edinburgh Club [2012 & 2014]; the Old Edinburgh Club is Edinburgh’s local history society since 1907. Copyright William Fortescue.)


Newsletter of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Dalgleish, George, The Ayr Spoon Bequest, Society of Antiquaries Newsletter March 2014


Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Anderson, Joseph, Notice of an Ancient Celtic Reliquary Exhibited to the Society by Sir Archibald Grant, Bart., of Monymusk, PSAS, vol 14 (1879-80)

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Brook, Alexander JS, An Account of the Archery Medals Belonging to the University of St Andrews and the Grammar School of Aberdeen, PSAS, 28,(1893-94)

Brook, Alexander JS, An Account of the Maces of the Universities of St Andrews, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh, The College of Justice, The City of Edinburgh &c, PSAS, vol 26 (1891-2)

Brook, Alexander JS, Notice of the Silver Bell of Lanark, A Horse Racing Trophy of the Seventeenth Century, PSAS, vol 25 (1890-91)

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Lyon & Turnbull, Auctioneers, Edinburgh: Notes on Items Recently Auctioned

A Jacobite Ring, Reputedly by Ebineezer Oliphant

A Rare 17th Century Tankard; by Thomas Cleghorne of Edinburgh c1640

The Anstruther Burgh seal – An important Scottish Burgh seal matrix; by  David Milne of Edinburgh 1613 – 1614

The Balmoral Highlanders Uniform and Accessories; William Robb of Ballater

The Barncleuch Puritan Spoon – A Rare Scottish 17th Century Puritan Spoon; by George Cleghorne, Edinburgh 1635-55

The Boyd Disc End Spoon – A Rare Charles I Disc End Spoon by Peter Neilson, Edinburgh 1648-50 or 1655-57

An Important Scottish Bullet Teapot – The Earliest Recorded Scottish Teapot; by Colin Campbell, Edinburgh 1714-15

A Rare Scottish ovoid Coffee Urn; by William Dempster (probably), Edinburgh c1760

The George Dempster of Dunnichen Presentation Urn – A Scarce George III Tea Urn; by William Davie, Edinburgh 1786-88

The Inveresk Communion Cups – A Rare Pair of Scottish James VI Communion Cups; by George Crawford of Edinburgh 1619-21

The Steeple Kirk Communion Cup – A Rare Scottish Provincial Communion Cup; by Robert Gardiner of Dundee circa 1640

The Kingsbarns Golfing Medal – A Rare Early Victorian Golfing Medal; by James Nasmyth of Edinburgh 1839-40

The Reverend Thomas Guthrie Presentation Teapot – A Victorian Presentation Teapot; by John MacKay of Edinburgh 1864-65


The Finial: The Journal of the Silver Spoon Club of Great Britian

The Finial, Vol. 16-03, Jan-Feb 2006 Scottish & Irish Provincial Letters of Correspondence circa 1906

The Finial, Vol. 16-03, Jan-Feb 2006 The Hallmarks of William Robb of Ballater

The Finial, Vol. 16-05, May-Jun 2006 The Flatwork of Robert & William Gray of Glasgow

The Finial, Vol. 16-06, Jul-Aug 2006 The ‘thistle-b-thistle’ Series of Marks

The Finial, Vol 17-01,  Sep-Oct 2006, James Erskine

The Finial, Vol. 17-02, Nov-Dec 2006 Aberdeen Silversmiths’ Marks: Errata & Addenda

The Finial, Vol. 17-05, May-Jun 2007 The Flatware of Robert & William Gray, an Update

The Finial, Vol. 18-01, Sep-Oct 2007 An Interesting Family of Scottish Provincial Marks

The Finial, Vol. 19-01,Sep-Oct 2008 An Important New Discovery in Early Scottish Silver

The Finial, Vol. 19-03, Jan-Feb 2009 James Sturrock in Montrose

The Finial, Vol. 19-06, Jul-Aug 2009 Andrew Davidson and the Edinburgh Assay Office

The Finial, Vol. 20-03, Jan-Feb 2010 Tricuspid & Bicuspid Duty Marks Used in Edinburgh

The Finial, Vol. 20-04, Mar-Apr 2010 Some Doubts on the Attribution of the Mitre Mark

The Finial, Vol. 21-01, Sep-Oct 2010 Unusual Town Marks for Glasgow

The Finial, Vol. 21-01, Sep-Oct 2010 The Barncleuch Puritan Spoon

The Finial, Vol. 21-02, Nov-Dec 2010 A Path Through Thistles

The Finial, Vol. 21-05, May-Jun 2011 A Big Story from a Little Spoon

The Finial, Vol. 21-05, May-Jun 2011 A Pair of Spoons from the Breadalbane Collection

The Finial, Vol. 21-06, Jul-Aug 2011 The Introduction of the Thistle Mark at Edinburgh

The Finial, Vol. 21-06, Jul-Aug 2011 An Unusual Drop of Scottish Provincial Tablespoons

The Finial, Vol. 22-01, Sep-Oct 2011 A Scottish Provincial Maker’s Mark Identified

The Finial, Vol. 22-01, Sep-Oct 2011 The Reappearance of a Major Scottish Provincial Rarity

The Finial, Vol. 22-03, Jan-Feb 2012 George Balsillie in Dundee

The Finial, Vol 25-02, Nov-Dec 2014 Early Scottish Silver Collectors: The Marquess of Breadalbane


Bulletin of The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (USA)

November-Dec 2014: David Boettcher, Hallmarking of Watches Imported into Britain during the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries